New Season, New Routines

We officially in the back to school routine. Earlier bedtimes and wakeups. We made it through the first few weeks constant meetings and paperwork, and now we have settled in. This season is pretty sweet and it feels special. Everyone seems to be thriving. I have stepped into a new role with work. The girls and Hudson are all in school...he goes two days a week, but it is something. Bless his teacher, we have yet to do a tear-free drop off. I have high hopes for this week though...and once he is there he is fine. I have been assured by all the sweet women there who love him so well while he is on their watch. With the busyness of life (who isn't busy though, right?? We wear it like a badge...


This is a post about dreams coming true and about having absolutely zero chill. Exactly none. If you are still reading this, thank you. Well done and thank you. I hope you will find this tale entertaining and impressive. And maybe you will decide that you too are indeed a fan of Johnnyswim. Last week Derek met a lovely man who works in the music industry (this is Music City, after all) and he mentioned that one of my favorite bands were in town rehearsing for their upcoming tour. That was cool enough. Neat, love it. Then I get a video (it was sent to Derek, but was meant for me) from Abner of Johnnyswim. I had to immediately lay down on the cold tile floor after watching said