Growing up, of course, summer is the best season. I mean, I loved sleeping in and having a little slower pace than the rest of the year offered. There was also a sense of adventure, whether it was because of a family adventure or because there was a little more independence during those long summer days. My best friend would be together pretty much from morning until night if we had it our way. We were not bored very often, we always found something to do, nothing crazy exciting, but it is was fun because we were together. Midwesterner's understand the magic and longing for summer that comes after living through brutal, long-lasting winters. I still love summer even though I am an adult and

Happy Birthday AGB!

In less than one month I will have a ten-year-old. We are entering into the world of double-digits fast. I think it was the wise words of Kelly Rippa that I first heard about how parenting your first child is like making the first pancake of the batch. You're not totally sure if the consistency is right or the heat might be a little too high or low. How long do you keep it on the heat? So much to figure out with that one. But usually, things get worked out and (generally speaking) the overall batch comes out ok. Ava is my first little pancake. I have learned a lot along the way and we are only nearly ten years in. We have grown up a lot together. She has lived in three different states in he