Life Lessons Learned on the Farm

Do you remember this Super Bowl Commercial? I don't think I will ever forget it. I remember where I was when it came on my tv screen. Paul Harvey's voice and the images captivated me. This is how my mom's family grew up. These are my grandparents and uncle, and now a cousin is a farmer as well. My grandparents seem to love what they do, the way they live. I don't think they would want to do anything else. They take pride and satisfaction in what they have been able to create over the years. They are proud of their farm and their family. I was able to help with chores or ride along on the tractor when I was a young child, they never complained about all the work they were doing. And they neve

Reflecting & Revisiting

My Grandparents are farmers. Growing up, being at their house was one of my very favorite places to be. My grandma is strong in pretty much every way. She loves her family generously and fiercely. She generally either making a meal or cleaning up said meal. My grandpa is sweet, a lover of farm animals of all kinds, a generous man who doesn't have to be the center of the attention but thrives in the company of family. They are dedicated and hard-working in every sense. I would spend summers there. Several family members bent over backward and worked logistical miracles to allow me to join a 4-H group near their home so I could stay there and show sheep at the fair. My grandparents cared for t