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Running Thoughts: Trusting the Process


This is the first entry in a little series called Running Thoughts. And, of course, they stem from running...there is a lot of time to think on the road lately, but they are not just about running. More to come shortly, friends. I hope you enjoy! 



The training program I have been following has helped me grow stronger. The rhythm is having a few shorter runs during the week and then a long run on Saturday. Every week feels a little different. Some days are easier than others. Many days have been a struggle. I have taken a L-O-N-G break from any sort of serious fitness regimen. Life had gotten busy, as it does for many families with young kids, and I found myself exhausted and overextended. And the thought of adding one more difficult thing to my routine was not exciting, to say the least. Until things changed. Once Hudson was sleeping more and nursing less. Once I dared to think I might be able to reclaim some territory I had lost in the those crazy, all-consuming, baby-care years. 


So I decided that 2018 would be the year of health, in different ways and levels. But one of the first things I did was sign up for the Nashville half-marathon. I had done one before in Detroit and knew that the training runs would force some discipline and priority in my life. Thankfully, Derek was completely encouraging and understood that would mean Saturday mornings would be consumed by long, slow runs and he would be watching the kids. Or that if the weather was changing I may try to sneak a run in during family time or before dinner. Handled. And with a smile on his face and cold water for me when I return. Bam. 


So far the training process has been a challenge and very humbling, more than I expected. I have been a sweaty, stinky mess climbing hills and shuffling around our neighborhood, but the process is working. I am getting stronger and more confident as the weeks pass and the miles get longer. At some point I think I believed I was too far gone, that my body wouldn’t be able to carry me- it had already carried and cared for three kids. It seemed like I might be pushing it a little, but ever so slowly I am able to do it. Complete the miles. Check the box, and even with a smile on my face, sometimes. 


I am learning to trust the process. I tend to think that I might be the exception,  it should work like this for most people, but it might not for me because somehow I have screwed the whole thing up. This has shown me that showing up and doing the faithfully doing the work will bring results and not come back void. That even small growth and progress is worth celebrating. I have learned that my time is not wasted, rather it has been invested. When the race comes in a few short weeks, that is not the time to prepare…the time has been the months leading up to the actual. The preparation came every day leading up to the race. The process is making me stronger, which hasn't a super-fun or glamorous process, but it is working. Showing up and doing the work. Day after day. Getting the miles under my belt and gaining confidence with every step.

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