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Running Thoughts: The Middle


I am technically not in the middle. I am towards the end of my training, but I am not at the end yet...Therefore in my mind I am squarely in the MIDDLE.  I picture the middle like a bridge that connects the exciting beginning with the exhilarating end. Kind of a means to an end, it is needed certainly, but may not be the best part. The race is in a few short weeks, but recently it has been easy to put runs off, mostly due to weather or travel. Either way, I have been slacking. I’m in a bit of a slump, to be honest. 

I want to finish strong though. I know this is where the strength is built…in the sticking it out and doing the work. Finishing what I have started. Getting up early, in the cold, making time and getting the miles in. 


The finish line is what we celebrate, but it is the middle that gets us there. The journey and growth in training are what makes the finish worth celebrating. The middle can be full of struggle and challenge and is often abandoned. The middle is when most people quit. I'm not going to be most people, and I would encourage in doing the same. The beginning is relatively easy. The miles are low and there is still a fair amount of excitement and newness. Now, it is an intentional choice to follow through and make it through the lull of the middle. 


So, if you are feeling bored or discouraged because you are in the middle, guess what? You are in good company, I am too. And I think many people are. But I am still going to show up and do the work. Even if I don’t feel like it, but because I am committed to it and I know it will make me stronger. Challenging middles make strong finishers. 

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