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Running Thoughts: Race Day



I will do by best to keep it brief...but I thought I would share a few thoughts on the race.


*Leading up to the race I was (am still am) totally overwhelmed with the amount of encouragement & support...Kind texts, messages, in-person conversations, and even a few gifts. Blown away by all of it. I received a hero's welcome at church today...Feeling all kinds of love for sure. 


*Despite leaving with plenty of time, I still felt a teensy bit rushed due to 30,000 people trying to find parking in our fine city. Somehow I managed to find a sweet spot super close to where I needed to be. #favor


*The course was full of hills, lots of runners, and sunshine. I was warned about the hills but still underestimated it...after hearing from MANY people today that it is a tough course I feel a little better. It also felt like a concert, not having a ton of personal space and keeping my elbows in, lots of "Excuse me, sorry..." I wasn't really mentally prepared for that. Lastly, it was beautiful weather- warm and clear skies. I really can't complain, it was gorgeous...I just forgot to put on sunscreen...but I am nicely bronzed right now, so I'll take it. 


* I was surprised at the number of people who run shoeless (by choice). Still trying to figure that out. 


*The signs. People who stand and cheer and wave signs are awesome. They have a very captive audience and their humor and positive energy are awesome. The signs are usually clever and pretty...really they are a gift to all the senses. This was not missed on me. A few of my favorites were "Run like you are running away from your adult responsibilities" and "I trained for months to hold this sign." Ha. Well done.


*It felt very full-circle. Running through this city we now call home I ran past our favorite restaurants and places we have special memories. My first ever trip to Nashville was right where my corral located, a beautiful old train station in the middle of town. Gorgeous. I remember watching this race two years ago thinking that I would like to run in it if we were living here. Needless to say, it felt very special. 


* Will I do it again? How do I feel? Maybe, I would consider it. It was a fun experience and am already feeling much better today. Yesterday I was pretty sore, but that is already subsiding and there is always ibuprofen. I know a lot more now and feel like I would be more prepared for both training and on race day.


Thanks for humoring me. I hope you enjoyed the journey!

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