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This is a post about dreams coming true and about having absolutely zero chill.  Exactly none.


If you are still reading this, thank you. Well done and thank you. I hope you will find this tale entertaining and impressive. And maybe you will decide that you too are indeed a fan of Johnnyswim.


Last week Derek met a lovely man who works in the music industry (this is Music City, after all) and he mentioned that one of my favorite bands were in town rehearsing for their upcoming tour. That was cool enough. Neat, love it. 


Then I get a video (it was sent to Derek, but whatever...it was meant for me) from Abner of Johnnyswim. I had to immediately lay down on the cold tile floor after watching said video.  Did I mention I was in the middle of a meeting when this happened? Like 5 people witnessed my lack of chill and immediate blushing/ giggling. Again, that was awesome...I would have been more than thrilled if that were the end of the story. 


The following day, after lunch we were able to watch Johnnyswim, Drew Holcomb, and Penny and Sparrow rehearse together for their Goodbye Road tour. Also, I got a warm hug from Abner as we entered the rehearsal space. We all did. Why does he have to be such a great human being? It puts me to shame. Gracious and joyful and funny and talented...It's a bit much, right? I think I mumbled something in a high-pitched, non-sensical manner and then bowed and nodded. Consistent with my cool factor. Bell and Ava did far better than me in this area. 



The whole time I listened and watched I was on the verge of tears. Thankful beyond words that we were in that room, as a family watching this amazing experience. The beauty of the music and their relationship (Johnnyswim is a gorgeous married couple who love each other deeply) and how they are doing something they love and believe in, together. How they make room for each other and create such meaningful music.  It seemed unreal. It still kind of does, honestly. I was also so moved by the amount of talent and passion in the room. Watching people come alive and do exactly what they were created to do is my favorite thing. It makes my soul sour and my heart pound. Again, being here in Nashville, I get to see that a fair amount of people doing that in regards to music and it never gets old. I want to cry because I am so happy for them. I am so moved by their amount of talent and passion. It's almost too much. Those moments watching this band I love left a mark on my heart that I didn't expect. 



For a band to "make it" is super rare. Even if the people are talented and amazing, it really hard and at some level a numbers/business thing. Blah Blah. But they are making it and we are cheering them on. They are doing what they love and what makes them come alive. And listening to it, witnessing it made me come alive in a way that I needed to as well. To say that the room was electric is super cliche' but 100% right. It was buzzing in the best possible way. I was profoundly moved by them and the gift it was to witness them doing what they were made to.


The last chapter to this story is that we were able to go to Louisville to see the rehearsal we saw come to life. It was so fun to get away for a night and to watch some amazing musicians do what they were meant to do. Penny and Sparrow opened the night. They were so likable and talented. And they are two guys and a guitar, singing meaningful and beautiful songs. Gah. There was a beautiful unity on stage and it often felt like we were sitting in a (large) living room just singing and worshiping together. Amazing, electric, and inspiring. 


So yes, I am a fan for life. Listen to their stuff, you will be too. They are kind and genuine and amazing people. And without meaning to or knowing it they inspired me to keep writing and doing creative work because it matters. Because the world needs people who are alive and doing what they love.  So I will stay the course, whatever that looks like and do the work.


And you guys, #JohnnyswimforLIFE


*Here is a link of them on Jimmy Kimmel. It's so good. #preach


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