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We officially in the back to school routine. Earlier bedtimes and wakeups. We made it through the first few weeks constant meetings and paperwork, and now we have settled in. This season is pretty sweet and it feels special. Everyone seems to be thriving. I have stepped into a new role with work. The girls and Hudson are all in school...he goes two days a week, but it is something. Bless his teacher, we have yet to do a tear-free drop off. I have high hopes for this week though...and once he is there he is fine. I have been assured by all the sweet women there who love him so well while he is on their watch. 


With the busyness of life (who isn't busy though, right?? We wear it like a badge...), I have not yet found a consistent writing time/schedule. But I am working on it. Same with the podcast for that matter. So I have acknowledged there is an issue, now we are actively working on a solution. That sounds like progress to me :)  This past week BecomingMe.TV published this little article about social media & comparison. It is such a strange time we are living in, isn't it? Although I'm sure people have been saying that forever...It's true though.


One of my favorite new daily routines we have begun doing as a family to share our "highs & lows" at dinner. In the morning we share what we are hopeful for and what we are thankful for that day. Such a beautiful way to start and end the day together. We learned this from a friend who has been doing this for years with his family. It is so fun to learn what moments really matter to those sitting at the table with you. I can say that I am surprised almost every night, by something someone shares. Whether they are struggling with friends at school or loved the way they got their back scratched as they laid on the couch as we watched a show, the data is so good. I love learning more about my people. Our table becomes a special place where we all gather and share the best and worst...letting our guards down and inviting each other in. The busyness only highlights how precious and meaningful these moments are, they matter. These are the moments that make up a life and create memories. The laughs. The silliness. The honesty. The bravery. The unsureness that is still there with every stage of life, even though I had thought and hoped I would have it all figured out by now. 


I'm so thankful for this sweet season and for those I get to share it with. I know not every season is fun or easy. We have been through some tough ones, again- they highlight the sweetness and allow for utter and complete appreciation for precious moments as we build our lives together. 


So if you are looking for a little something fun to try at dinner and/or breakfast go for it, you can totally borrow this and make it your own. Have fun, lead the way, and savor it. 


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