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I am comfortably in that daze where I have lost track of what day (and time) it is...That stretch between Christmas and New Year's has a way of doing that to me.  And I don't really mind. After a VERY busy and fun start to the month, slowing down for a few days before the clean slate that comes with the new year is a welcome change of pace. 


I don't think I am the only one who loves to take some time to reflect on the past year and dream about the next. Here are a few questions I am asking myself right now:


*What were some wins last year?

*What are some things worth celebrating?

* Where were some areas of growth?

* What are some things that are broken or confusing?

*What needs to be left in 2018?


As I walk into 2019, I want to be hopeful, excited, and unchained. I don't want to be bound, especially by something of my own choice, doing, or ignorance.  I want to let go of some anxiety and unhelpful thinking that has held me back for a while. I want to release that, in order to be released. I want to have a year of fun, adventure, and hard work. 


In regards to health, I am thankful for it and will continue to pursue it. I will not shame or hate my body for its size or appearance. I want to be strong and healthy, not skinny.  I want to continue to be a champion for women, for creators/artists, and for anyone who might need a little support. I want to have a healthy family, in regards to our relationships and trust with one another. I hope we continue to collect and create special memories together. 


So, I am off to do a little more reflecting & dreaming...Whatever you are hoping, planning, or praying for in 2019 I hope you are free to run your race, unchained and excited about what God has in store. 






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