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The funny thing about the new year.


So it's January second. My goals, intentions, and resolutions have been (mostly) set. And now I am living in the reality of trying to create change. I think I might have forgot how tough that can be...to move out of my comfort zone and take some ground. This is especially tough since I am trying to move forward and grow in a couple areas. Growth requires consistent effort, generally. Very few goals require one big push. Most of them require slowly, but surely creating movement or progress. 


Why do I share this? Because it's easy to get discouraged if goals aren't met exactly on time or if we fall back into a routine that has been in place for a long time. There is value in trying and re-trying if needed. There is honor in sticking to the course even if it isn't perfect or always up and to the right. There is beauty in the struggle, that is part of the journey.

I am aiming high in a few areas this year and it is easy to get overwhelmed and want to back down, but instead, I am moving forward. Rather than getting discouraged about the distance that needs to covered or what everyone else appears to be doing, I am going to do my best to be faithful. Keeping my head down and trying my best to do the work that I believe I am called to do in this season. And I wish you the same whatever your journey looks like this year. 


Let's take some new ground and let's have some fun while we do it!


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