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Dogs Who Have Character


I am 100% a dog person. Occasionally I prefer dogs to people if I am being honest. I grew up with having a really great dog. My grandparents who live on a farm had a rotating cast of dogs throughout the years, all were well-loved and cared for. They lived long, wild farm dog lives. My dog growing up was a Shar-Pei, the wrinkly kind of dog. I loved our sweet family dog, she was different looking, strong, and smart. She learned to chase and "attack" my brother on command. She was affectionate and protective. All the things you want a dog to be. She spoiled me though, now I love dogs that have, shall we say "character" or that are a little extra. There is something special about a beautiful Goldendoodle- they are amazing, but I think I relate more the weird-looking rescue pup from the pound. A good heart wrapped up in a unique package. Loyal, protective, and loving, all the things you want, just maybe in a different form than previously imagined. 


While I lived in Las Vegas we adopted a sweet Shar Pei from Lied Animal Shelter, he was a little Shar Pei, so underfed you could see every rib. I was in love, instantly. We named him George and that felt perfectly fitting for him. We fed and nourished him. He decided that I was his girlfriend that Derek was longer to sleep next to me in bed (not really, but kind of). He guarded our house well and accompanied me for countless walks and kitchen dance parties to Justin Timberlake. He was the best, oddest looking dog for sure. George was a special guy. 


So why do I share this? Because we connect with things we see ourselves in. Flowers, nature, our favorite room in our house, crazy looking dogs...And something happens when we connect, our brain fires up and engages differently than it would otherwise. It's a part of my story and I am thankful for it. I still miss George, I was thinking he would be something akin to a four-legged big brother for Ava, but he passed away when she was three months old. 


We haven't gotten another dog yet. George worked his way deep into our hearts and I am not sure when or if we will get another pet. If we do, though, you better believe my vote is for another dog with some character. 




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