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Growing up, of course, summer is the best season. I mean, I loved sleeping in and having a little slower pace than the rest of the year offered. There was also a sense of adventure, whether it was because of a family adventure or because there was a little more independence during those long summer days. My best friend would be together pretty much from morning until night if we had it our way. We were not bored very often, we always found something to do, nothing crazy exciting, but it is was fun because we were together. 


Midwesterner's understand the magic and longing for summer that comes after living through brutal, long-lasting winters. I still love summer even though I am an adult and despite the fact that both winter and summer are generally warmer because I am in the South, I am still firmly camped out in the "team summer" department. 


As a mom, I want my kids to have that mix of both adventure and slowness. I want them to rest. To sleep in, in fact, we pretty much beg them to sleep in...BUT we stay up a little later, there's a little less strictness in abiding by the structure that forms the rest of the year. We all love it. Cuddling on the couch watching a fun show or moving together. Every day holds the possibility of going to the pool or going to a park or library. So many fun things to be done. I know that as a mom of little ones, the days are l-o-n-g. I also know that the years are limited. That these years and sweet summers are precious, I want to collect them and stash them away, not squander them.


And let's not forget about the sweetness and adventure of vacation. Seeing family and being in Michigan is one of their very favorite things. Playing in the beach and swimming in Lake Michigan. Extended conversations. Visiting places that they have grown to love and have become a tradition. All the best things. Michigan really shines in the summer, it's hard to beat. 


I hope your summer brings you adventure and rest, in whatever parts you are needing them. I hope your rest is slow and deep and nourishes your soul. I hope your adventure makes you soar and smile so much your cheeks hurt. And if you are like me, a little tan never hurts either. 








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