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What are you good at?


These past few weeks I have spent hours interviewing (getting to know) 4th and 5th-grade students who want to be a part of a leadership team at our church. Some come dressed up in dresses or suits others in gym shorts and sandals. Some are polished others struggle a little more socially. All of them are an absolute joy. It's one of my favorite things, getting to know them and their families. I love it. 


During each interview we ask "what are you good at?" this is usually followed by a big grin, maybe even a giggle or two and then a long list of the things they are good at. They are so proud and certain. These kids are excited and eager to share what they can do well. No shame. And I haven't met one yet who says they don't know or that they aren't good at anything. 


It stops me every time because something often happens along the way, especially for girls (or at least for me) where I began to hear so much more loudly what I am bad rather than what I am good at. Or it feels uncomfortable to talk about what I am good at. And If I am being super honest, I am still figuring some of those things out (or maybe more accurately, rediscovering) what I am good at. 

I am trying to learn from these kids, beaming with pride and joy as they what they LOVE to do and what they are great at. It may take some time to discover for the first time or rediscovering those things, but that seems like worthwhile, and enjoyable work.

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