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Ok. Here we are. Mid-November and it's been a minute. So I will be as brief as possible while still sharing a couple of important things. This post started out at "10 things," but I quickly realized that was reaching a bit, so five feels just right. Here are a few things I am learning, sometimes it seems over and over, but here we go.






1. Celebrate. We were able to celebrate a good friend's birthday this week. Nothing wild and crazy, but we made space and took time to celebrate and acknowledge and honor him. And it was so special. I am a fan of celebrating pretty much anything. I have hosted Olympic Opening Ceremonies parties, Voting Day parties, and Academy Awards parties- just give me a reason & a budget and I am in, even if both the reason and budget are small, I am game. And to be clear, the "parties" were not fancy. It usually involved some simple homemade food or cheap pizza/thai food and gathering friends. Sometimes when I am rushed celebrating and slowing down can feel like a lot. When I get there I know I am not living in accordance with my values, because I want to be someone who is always up for a celebrating.


2. Contentment. I feel like one thing the Lord is working in my life/heart/mind/existence is the idea of being grateful for what I have. Could it be that always wanting more isn't the best, that the grass is pretty darn green beneath my feet, especially if I would take care of it well?

3. Opportunity. In the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to speak, teach, write and do some things I really love. I am so grateful for work that is meaningful and matters and that I can dive into. I was able to speak to students and to people who are doing some really hard work, I am always so impressed with both of those groups of people and truly humbled to get to share.


4.Excitement. I love these last two months of the year, so full of opportunities to make memories and have fun doing all kinds of seasonal things. A lot of life can be just doing things that need to be done...being responsible and such. So when an opportunity to comes along to get to step more fully into how God made me I am so thankful for it and thoroughly enjoy it. I can't wait to be cuddled up on the couch watching movies as a family, putting up the tree and so many of the traditions that we are building each year. 


5. Gratitude. This is similar to contentment, I suppose, but I am trying to rewire my brain to have a posture and attitude of gratitude. To be thankful for the big and the small things, to take time and make the effort to see what I am grateful for and then express that. I have heard that being grateful can change our body chemistry, our brains, and ultimately our lives. This seems like something worth pursuing and cultivating.

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