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Happy Birthday, Sweet Bell

We are pretty firmly in the raising little/big kids season of parenting, but we are moving quickly towards having mostly just big kids. Today Bell is 8 (EIGHT) years old. Unreal. In the fall Hudson will begin Pre-K. Our days of being at home more than we are not are quickly coming to a close. 


I watched Moana with Hudson the other day while the girls were at school. He was so young when it came out he didn't remember watching it, but for me, I remember watching it with my little tiny girls. Singing and dancing along with the songs, fast-forwarding a few scary parts. And now they feel so much older. 


So I think my momma bear heart is grieving a little as I recognize how impossibly fast the days go and how they add up so quickly. And this season is fun, sweet, and really enjoyable. I love parenting bigger kids. I love the independence and conversations that come along with it. We can stay up later, doing things more last minute and have some great adventures.  And watching my kids come into their own is an absolute joy. I imagine this the journey of parenting- getting comfortable with a season and then promptly moving to the next. And the next. And so it goes.


So today I am thankful for my sweet and healthy girl, who is wild, wonderful, kind, and thoughtful. She anchors our family and brings so much joy into our lives. It feels like I blinked and my baby Bell is now a big girl, brave and tender. All the best things. So today I am pausing to reflect on the sweetness of this season and my girl. 



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